Monday, October 29, 2007

Knitting Community

One thing that is so surprising to me about knitting is how a totally solitary activity invokes such a sense of community.

I love going to my Tuesday night knitting group. My e-mail is full of messages from people that have become "in person" or "online" friends. And these aren't friendships that I take lightly. I look forward to getting to know people better. Like a lot of people, I sometimes have a hard time having girlfriends. Not because I dislike having friends, but a lot of times I have to prioritize my time for other things. Husband, work, family, house stuff. But, I miss having friends. Knitting has really helped me form these instant friendships that are born out of common likes. And, I'm grateful for that.

Now my quest is to win a contest. I know that there a sock yarn out there with my name on it somewhere. I've promised myself that I won't buy sock yarn until I finish my stole and Dave's hat...especially since I've never knit a sock in my life. But if I win the yarn...well, that's a totally different story. I have my DPNs and Circulars all ready. I have my Ann Budd book of socks. I'm ready. And, as I keep finding contests to enter, I keep making friends. How can I lose. :-)

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Kathy said...

You can't lose Hop. Keep trying to find contests at WiKnits site.

SO Sorry about your beautiful bunny. So sweet.