Monday, January 28, 2008

Comet Wall Ornament Finished

I really like this one a lot.

Fun to crochet and the thread just shines...especially when it catches the sunlight. I used DMC 5 and a US8 Boye hook. I can't wait to make one for myself, but I sure hope that my mom-in-law likes this for her birthday.

It's surprising durable, too. I've had to manhandle it a bit, and it has travelled in wind and rain with absolutely no harm to it. Good thing, since it's home will be in snowland. :-)

This is my first post directly into blogger. I'm officially switching over to it from Live Journal. There's a lot that I like about Live Journal...especially the additional templates, editing tools, etc. but Blogger has 3 huge selling points for me.

  1. You can post video.
  2. More people have Blogger accounts, so I might get more comments. (Please)
  3. I can have buttons somewhere other than my profile. Hurray!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Magic Crochet is Magic

My superfantastic uncle Rich gave me a great box of Crochet and Knit books from his Mom, Doreen. Many years ago, Doreen and Art, graciously let me and Mom stay with them when I was recovering from surgery. We spent many many hours going through all of her craft books. In fact, I still have some photocopies of afghan patterns that she gave me. Long story longer...after she moved from her house, the books went to Rich...and then to me. And I LOVE them! So far, I've completed the Santa stocking. And now, (please don't be reading this Mom-in-law!), I'm making this really pretty Wall Ornament from a Magic Crochet magazine. It's so much fun to do. I don't really know what the heck I'm doing. (That's a little bit of a lie, but not too far from the truth.) Anyway, I'm really enjoying it, and I've already completed the center floral motif. More later.

I did complete another one of the San Diego Fire Blankets.

Honest, It's Finished

Dave was a little shy about having his picture taken, so I decided to model his hat. (BTW, it does look great on him.)

On another note, I'm pretty excited. I checked Ravelry so that I could add the Director's Hat as a project. I had a message and was asked if my Santa Stocking could be used as the photo for the pattern author. :-) That just made my day.

Dave did offer to pose with our pet tumbleweed. Believe it or not, this thing jumped over our fence.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Dave's Hat - Finished!

Happy New Year!!! I finished Dave's director's hat/beret. We almost gave up on it 300 times before I finished it. ;-) The pattern that I had was actually kid's size...though it said it was for an adult. So I had to adjust the pattern a LOT. And I was using a very fine sock yarn, so I had to mess with it a lot before I found a gauge that I liked. Otherwise it was turning out like lace. Not exactly preferred for a man's hat. After many many starts and enough frogging to cause the yarn to self-knit, I finally got it! And as of 2:00 PM, Dave had a cool enough hat that he said he could wear to the NAMM convention this year. Yeah!!! Pictures soon.