Monday, March 10, 2008


OK...I've got this horrible feeling that anyone reading my last entry thinks that I'm a sad, pain-riddled, angst-ridden person. I would be dead wrong letting anyone think that. In fact, it's the exact opposite. When I said, "it doesn't matter", I simply meant that I knew that it was temporary.

Who I am now...

I'm happy. I dance. I play pool. I dance more (sometimes like I have a pool stick up my butt....Sometimes like I'm a muppet. ) Spinal surgeons have a WICKED sense of humor. :-)

I have friends that appreciate my sense of humor...usually.
I am a worker that would make most bosses shout with glee.
I am a friend.

I guess sometimes I just wish that I could easily share my experiences when I had all of my surgeries. Unfortunately, I know that I don't. And I wish that I did. I have so many people that I love that could have benefitted by my being there for them when they went through medical crap. And I wasn't, but I am now.


Bea said...

Not really a sad, pain-riddled, angst-ridden person. More you sounded like a worried person.

Lady Wentworth said...

amen for being there now! We love you tons!! I know you are worried, I'm worried too hang in there ok.