Friday, August 15, 2008

Mutiny of the Bounty

The pomegranates are preparing to be something delicious. The peaches were prepared to be something delicious. In fact, that would be about 16 pints of peach salsa. So far, we've had it with tortillas, mixed it with baked beans, and used it as a marinade for beef. Yummy. We call it the earthquake blend. About three weeks ago, we had a shaker that forced our decision to "do something" with the peaches.

Believe it or not...we actually thinned these trees out....a LOT.

I've also made strawberry jelly and the most beautiful plum jelly from our Santa Rosa plum tree.

Can you guess what this is???

I'm now working on new knitting projects, too. This one is gorgeous and a really fun pattern called Moroccan Days/Arabian Nights. The color is much more accurate when it's displayed on the lamp...but the other shot shows the stitch definition better.


Acorn to Oak said...

Congratulations on such a great crop of fruit! The peach salsa sounds really interesting. Yum!

Your new shawl looks fabulous! I love the beading detail. Very pretty!

Lady Wentworth said...

yum jam.......i like the lamp shot very cool

Knitting Linguist said...

You've been busy! The fruit and its products look amazing -- I wish we had a peach tree like that :)