Friday, December 7, 2007

How to Fight Off Boredom

I'm in Minnesota right now...and will be for a couple weeks. I thought that I'd have all the time in the world to knit...totally forgetting that I'm here because I have to work on deploying a project nearly every night that I'm here. But apparently that didn't enter my mind when I was packing. I must have been under the impression that I needed entertainment....lots and lots of entertainment. "Camp Betsy" or "Cruise Director Betsy" entertainment.
Contents of 1 large red suitcase....
Knitting -
Leda's Dream stole and extra skein yarn.
2 skeins wool for Dave's hat

Crocheting -
24 squares and yarn to edge and piece a SD fire blanket.
12 skeins (assorted sizes) of acrylic yarns to make squares

Bobbin Lace-
2 boxes thread
Kickboard pillow (now covered!)
2 books

Notions -
3 boxes pins
Tape measures
Knitting notions kit

And the books I brought....
4 puzzle books
2 mysteries
1 fiction

And the music I brought...
1 ipod with 1200 songs

And the movies I brought...
Hot Fuzz
Oceans something...can't remember name
Season 1 of 30 Rock6 other DVDs of mystery movies that I burned and forgot to label.

And the games I brought...
Deck of Cards Goofy. :-)

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