Friday, September 7, 2007

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Wedding Cake Afghan
Here it is! The first part of Robyn and Brett's Wedding Cake Afghan. I wrote the pattern myself and will post it after I finish the afghan and finish tweaking it. The pattern is inspired by their cake...only I'm taking some creative license and am adding layers of frosting. I've designed it around layers of basket weave.

Yarns are Homespun (Barrington) and Red Heart Baby Clouds (White). I liked the Baby Clouds because of the lofty frosting look that it gives.Here is how I'm assembling the cake:

2 Layers Barrington (Purple)1 Layer White Frosting1 Layer Barrington1/2 Layer White Frosting3 Layers Barrington 1/2 Layer White Frosting1 Layer Barrington1 Layer White Frosting2 Layers Barrington (Purple)Embellishments: Crocheted or Knit Violets and Wedding Info Embroidered. I may also decide to put a some sort of a fabric edging (perhaps a soft flannel) if the Homespun looks like it will fray a lot.This is roughly 4 skeins of Barrington and 2 skeins of the Baby Clouds. I may end up adding an extra couple skeins as a border if the afghan appears to be too narrow after it comes off the needles.

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